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Cultural Footprint Pledge Project

Sustainable Living Festival, Melbourne, 2010

This project provided a mechanism for participants to make pledges around specific, do-able actions to have impact on climate change. It was initiated as a response to a) the Copenhagen climate discussions failing to produce a meaningful actions and by extension the collective lack of political leadership around climate change b) the over-aching emphasis on personal (as opposed to community level or political) responses to the climate situation.

Because of these factors, I choose to focus the actions on social and political influence, as reflected in the concept of expanding one's 'cultural footprint', in contrast with personal actions, which are designed to reduce one's 'ecological footprint'. Both are necessary and support each other.

The project was very successful with hundreds of participants contributing pledges, of which they kept a carbon copy as a reminder to actually do the pledge.

For more details see The Pledge Project


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