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Melbourne Fringe Festival, City Library, Melbourne, 2009

The iMap community mapping project was created to record and reveal the varied layers of experience that people have in a place, in this case, Melbourne CBD. iMap was unique and innovative in the way that it worked to simultaneously foster community whilst creating and facilitating experimental art forms.

The use of a large-scale map of the Central Business District to collect stories and anecdotes of peoples’ experiences in the city created both a multilayered installation art piece and an innovative forum for the collection and decimation of community experiences and oral history. In addition the projects combined use of voice recordings, workshops and audience participation extended both the creative boundaries of the project and its’ ability to involve and engage the community.

Through the telling of stories, the revelation of secrets, and the creation of the map itself the project worked to celebrate the many various stories and experiences that take place in the city on a daily basis. In order to expand the project and celebrate the diversity of culture present in the city, the collective ran a series of weekend workshops in the gallery space. Each of these workshops focused on a different artistic medium; sound, creative writing, crafting and photography. Each of these workshops explored the many and varied notions of mapping and place making, celebrating the creative outputs of individual participants and their relationships to the city of Melbourne.

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