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International Humanity Foundation Projects

International Humanity Foundation, Medan, Indonesia, 2009

I worked with International Humanity Foundation (IHF) at its Medan centre for a month in early 2009.

IHF was founded in 1983 by Carol Sasaki. Today, it is comprised of seven locations in Thailand , Kenya, Indonesia & the United States caring for more than 3,000 children worldwide. IHF is a unique organization in that all those involved at any level consider themselves to be members of the IHF family. It is also unique in that overseas volunteers participate in much of the daily running of the organisation through their coordinated online work. In this way the volunteering costs are far reduced as there is less need for paid staff.

Whilst I was there, I initiated a variety of different small projects, shown in the images below.  Amongst these were photography workshops to encourage the young people visiting the centre to express themselves through images.

The project recommendation report goes into more detail.

IHF website

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